Me ~ You~ We~ They~ Them~ Our~ ONE! ☆~(ゝ。∂)

After Live performance
We have a little Chit Chat
Last January i went to Japan too.
I meet 2 of member from Kawagen Band again today!

Jiro-san and Sumi-san
I forgot to take a picture with Jiro-san at that time.
So i took a picture with Sumi-san.

Sumi-san have a flower shop, so last time he gave me a bucket of flower.
So beautiful! (○゜ε^○)♥

Meet my Mother! (‘∀’●)♡

(photo by Ai Koizumi-san)

After having a chit chat with all guest
We go to Dotonbori~
But some guest are already go, they have their own business.
So sad (◡︿◡,✿)

Ikemen and Bijin~
This is why i love japan. haha
I really love seeing beautiful girl and Ikemen !

Yeah Pose like Glico! Hahaha~

Walking alone~ Joke. (・∀・)

After walking around, we decided to have a dinner.
To tell you the truth today i only eat one Onigiri and drink matcha latte.
Can you imagine that i'm totally starving.
Hahaha. actually i eat katsu.. chicken katsu too.
But still i feel hungry.
It's not like we can't go eat. but we don't have a time.
So we are going to eat!

I'm sorry i have to blur him.
Since if i didn't he will totally angry to me.
(ノ; u ;)ノ彡┻━┻

Actually in front of us there's a lot of ikemen. 
I always looking at them, maybe they have a party for their friends.
They laugh so happy!
So i really want to take picture with them.
But well~
I can't. Haha. Why? Because too shy!
So shy!

In here i try a horse meet.
Raw horse meet.
Delicious... but not really like it. Sorry

After We charge because of delicious food.
We going to ~
How to said it,
Game Center ?


Hohoho~ We are AKB48! (≖‿≖ ;)

Actually this is my last time to meet with Riho-sama, Hanashita-sama and Sako-sama
So sad~
They easily to talk with.
Even i can't speak japanese language
But as long as i try to understand them,
I can understand it.
i guess (´∀`)♡

I think i learn something.
Everyone have their own dream.
No matter what it is.
They are a dreamer as well.
Same as like me.
So no matter what is your dream,
Seiyuu, A career woman, Singer, Composer, ANYTHING!
We have to make it come true.
If you do your best, i think it will going smoothly.

Thank you for being a good onee-sama
You and Riho-san teach me patiently at recording.
I'm not too smart. I'm sorry. Haha
I wish i can meet you guys again soon.

Thank you for everything.
And we having a woman talk with Hanashita-sama too
Later if i come back, i want to talk a lot with you guys!

Hahaha. You are an Ikemen Composer.
Thank you for teach me with patiently too.

And thank you for you guys to take care of me!
Sincerely thank you!

Let's start today with smile
And end it with a BIG smile too! ~
Buh-bye! ~ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★


OSAKA ! Live Performance ! いいね!いいね!いいね!♫ヽ(゜∇゜ヽ)♪

Hello everyone!
Hmmm~ well where i have to start it?
Now lemme introduce you guys to my Nagoya friend!

Dai-Chan <-- And --> Na-chan
Lovely aren't they?  (。♥‿♥。)
Yesh Yesh they are !
After yesterday Recording,
Me, Na-chan and Dai-chan going to World Trade Center , Osaka


Dai-chan didn;t join us! Haha.
Well we are a little bit crazy because of heat.
At that time it's totally shining! (?) lol (≧◡≦)

After taking Photoshoot,
It's time for my live performance!~
So i need to prepare makeup and my outfit!
So we go back to Hotel!~(づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ

Maybe you can say, that i'm not feeling nervous.
Not at all.
But actually i was very very nervous at that time.
Since japanese language it's not my mother language.
I really want to singing japanese perfectly.
And my habit always come when i'm in stage.
Maybe some people know it.
Forget the lyrics.(屮゜Д゜)屮

I always forget the lyrics.
For Example , when i first time singing new song in public.
I always did.
But if i singing that song in public for second time or third i didn't.
Isn't that weird?

Before we having performance,
We did a little bit Rehearsal~
I didnt forget any lyrics!
Yokatta desu!

And have a little fun!

Trying Sako's Yukata? Yutaka?
Ah Yukata! ♫ヽ(゜∇゜ヽ)♪

Now now~
It's time to prepare!

Clothes Sponsored by Hanika Octaviani!

Makeup and Hairdo!~ DONE! (✿ ♥‿♥)
I'm so pretty! Haha

Thanks to My Yoshimi-sama nee-chan for makeup and Hair-do!

So Waiting in Backstage! I feel so so so so so Nervous!
(◎_◎; )
At that time, i feel like i want to go home!
No no, i feel like i want this nervous to disappear!
I'm totally a mess.
But i can control it!

Take a Chance song by Riho-san! ( SAVE! ) ლ(╹◡╹ლ)
I didn't forget any Lyrics~

Sora iro canvas ( NOT SAVE ) by Hanashita-san
Why i forget the LYRICS!!!
Gomen ne~ (;へ:)

Higher by Sako-san ( SAVE )
Didn't forget

Ah, i feel so ashamed ~
Why i have to forget it #sigh~
But, i think it's okey! I have to working more harder~!

Oh btw~
I will tell you guys about What happened after performance Later on my next blog!
I think this is already long story enough.
Lot of picture too! Haha

Btw~ My performance are sponsored by So many people!
And Vita Liberta, Azhuilt and also Romago!
If you didn't watch my last performance before
Here is the link!

See you on next blog! :D

Let's start today with smile
And end it with a BIG smile too! ~
Buh-bye! ~ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★


~JAPAN~始めていた !~レコーディング!きゃああああ!RECORDING !

Hi guys!
Do you remember that i really love Onigiri,
So on the next day, i eat one Onigiri and Matcha latte! 
It's a little bit freezing outside on that day, since summer will change become fall haha
but i choose a cold matcha latte, (〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜
I always did a weird thing i guess.

Because we use car, so we have to find a nearest parking lot.
Did you know? There's a lot of variety parking lot in japan.
And somehow their charge is very expensive.
And then after you find the nearest parking lot you have to walk again to your destination.
Japanese are really love to walk.
Me? I love it too.
But somehow they walking like a lightning,
somehow they left me behind. since i'm a little bit slow

walking fast!! WOOOOOOOSHHH~

ikemen behind! Have to shoot him!


Ah ! too high

Can't find him anymore . lol (┳Д┳)

Forget it! Hahaha

So i'm going to japan it's not just for having fun.
But i have a mission.
Because soon my CD will be release in japan.
Maybe about in the end of september or early october.
So first day in japan i go to~

It's Recording studio.
And a Salon too. Did you know, at first time i wonder
" what is salon? " ( ・◇・)?
I thought that salon is a place where you can hair-do your hair. haha
But then i find that salon is a place where i will have a live performance for next day.
(/ ゚▽゚)/

And suddenly feeling so nervous.
I'm nervous.. What should i do. I always feel nervous when have to meet a new people.
I always shy..
I don't know why, but really.. i can't help it ( ◡﹏◡✿)

Finally i meet them all!

They are a composer who make a song for me.
2 Beautiful girl, and  a stalker.
Hahaha joke.
At the first time i feel so shy actually.
I think so they are.
somehow It's a little bit awkward you know.
I really want to know them more on that day.
and on that day i feel like
" I have to do my best to singing all their song "

So i try my best to did it.
But in the end, Professional recording are more hard (╥﹏╥)
I always hit a wrong note.
So , i have to keep repeat it again, again and again,
Hanashita-san, Riho-san, and sako-san always support me.
They help me a lot.
I wish the result will be good.

But you know,
I think i'm such a lucky girl.
When i throw back again, in May 2013
If i didn't join Ennichisai Karaoke Competition,
I can't meet a man who helped me a lot so i can be here
Right now..

At 2013 I almost didn't join their competition since my band have another schedule too
but i manage to made it.
Don't you think i'm lucky?

Did you know what? What you have to do to pursue your dream is
it's your decision.
Most of your live is depend on your decision.
you can change your live because your decision.
God LEAD you.
But it's you who make all decision.
Maybe if i didn't go to Ennichisai at 2013.
This can't be happened.
IN FACT, i'm going to Ennichisai 2013.
I even had an accident before the final.
A Minibus that i ride on that day hit another car.
But it's not change my mind.
And i thanks god because i only got a mini scar on my lips at that day.
I am very grateful

So what i want to say is

Please don't give up on your dream
what you have to do is " TAKE A CHANCE , and TAKE A CHANGE "
so you can

Let's start today with smile
And end it with a BIG smile too! ~
Buh-bye! ~ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★


~ Japan ! Tadaima ~ ただいま!♬(ノ゜∇゜)ノ♩

Hello guys!
So August 28th i come back to Japan!
I visit Osaka again this month too.
I feel like Osaka is my Hometown.
I know it's sounds ridiculous
But, i feel this is where i belong. I LOVE OSAKA!

I visit hongkong! Yeahhh!~ Lol. 
Well actually i can't go anywhere since i dont have Hongkong Visa.
I wish i have it too.
So i can go visit hongkong too~

Arrived in japan about 10 pm? Go eat in Joyfull Diner and Cafe
I eat a porridge , it's summer. You have to eat porridge!
Because in the plane i already eat too much meat.
So i feel my teeth already tired.
Too lazy to chew anything, so i choose porridge instead of meet like my manager and my producer choose.

Ah before that!
I try this one!

I forgot what this food name...
( think ). I still can't remember it. It because i don't really like it. hahaha (≖‿≖ ;)

No makeup face is totally awsome! LoL
actually i really hate using makeup. So whenever i go out i rarely using makeup.
if it's for take a picture or going with friend, or perform somehow i use makeup.
I feel heavy using makeup haha. (´≖‿≖)
But you know, i'm still cute without makeup ! (¬‿¬)
Who said that?
Who? Of course me! LoL

When i go to convenient market
many nice food. I only buy onigiri XD

At 12 A.M
Arrived in hotel and watching,
what this anime called again? LoL
At that time i don't know what they said.
Duh, because it's japanese. I watch talk show too.
There is Airi from C-ute
But i can't understand what they said
I have to learn japanese language more!

Now now~
I think this is so random!
Next time i will tell you a lot of thing!
So see you in the next blog!!

Let's start today with smile
And end it with a BIG smile too! ~
Buh-bye! ~ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

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