Kamis, November 26, 2015

Nihon no Matsuri 2015 ~ Final Day The Smile City ~

Hello Dreamers !
So let me tell you about one of the big event in Bandung
Nihon no Matsuri !
After i go to japan, my next gigs is in Sakura Matsuri , After Sakura Matsuri i have to rock Nihon no Matsuri stage.
Haha, Well the band member is same, but adding 2 more personil.
The stage is become smaller although it's totally BIG STAGE.

Actually this Photo is taken by Michi-san
He is come to record Nihon no Matsuri for his Movie Project.
At that time is totally BIG RAINING in Bandung.
But look at them , they still watching us and another J-band from bandung even though it's heavy Raining.

My playlist in here is same as Sakura Matsuri , since the event only different 1 week from it. So we decided to singing same playlist in here. Of course since this event only one day we only sing 5 songs.
What is the most interesting if you having stage in Bandung ?  is the audience.
They are totally the best.
They had lot of Expression to Express..
I think you can't find something like this in other City...

Look at that !
Their Expression is totally in full charge even though it's heavy raining outside.
I Feel like i'm Really lucky to born and raised in this Beautiful City
I wonder if they catch a cold after this. 
I wish they will be okay.

I give them one of my CD for FREE
it's good for promotion, so i give them some quiz and give them my CD if they can answer. haha

And what ? They are totally become a zombie when i give it to the girls
I'm sorry i make some trouble for you guys. TT
I didn't mean to.

After this performance i come back home and rest.
after this i have to attending Ennichisai
This year is really "lot of work" year for me.
I'm really Lucky.
But then when i arrived..
Michi-san send this all those picture to me..
And this one is really make me feel happy till i drop some tears..

What a warm smile..
I feel like what i have done today is not wasted.
My time to Rehearsal with band member, 
My time to coming this far..
I never know that i can make some people smile..
Since i was a kid , i being bullied by people a lot..
when i told them i want to be a singer.. 
Some people only laugh at it..
But now.. I feel proud that i'm not giving up on my Dream.
It's still the Beginning , and it's just started..
There's something waiting for me in the future..
I will never give it up..
I will do my best...
You guys too!
If you have a dream , come get it !
It's about your choices you choose !
All of your life is in your hand !
So i wish you can do the same about your dreams too!
There's something waiting for you !

So this is the end of my blog for Nihon No Matsuri 2015 !
Thank you for Rully-san and Aeno-san for inviting me, and for re-arrange my band member. 
Without you guys i can't be in the stage.
I know that i'm totally such a burden, but i will more become a burden for you guys in the future .
For My BFF Ade kurnia, Hendry Kurnia ( they basketoman and they got Kurnia Name ) , Fajar Thank you for stopped by and watching my performance in here.
Thank you for people who keep supporting me till now, Nirwan and the gank ( there's lot of name haha )
Thank you for keep coming if i have performance in Bandung.
For the rest of my band member thank you!
For michi-san thank you for a shot !
Well See you guys on the next event !

Let's start today with SMILE
and end up with a BIG SMILE !
Lot of Love , YUMI

Rabu, November 25, 2015


Hello Dreamers !
It's just a little bit story about Sakura Matsuri 2015 
It's such a honor for me to be included as Guest Star for this event.

At 1st day well you can say i become J-Rocks opening star . lol
It's really such an honor. 
But well since everyone waiting J-Rocks and not me ( well i'm just a beginner )
They keep calling J-Rocks , i want to said that i'm sorry to make you waiting.
but i can't lol. TIME TO ROCK THE STAGE ! 

In the 2nd day the weather is totally unfriendly, since i have performance in middle of the day where the sun is totally.. well you know it's cikarang afterall.

But afterall beautiful blue sky is always make me calm.
I'm sweating a lot at 2nd day , but i feel it doesn't really matter since the sky is so blue ( lemme tell you, when i go home this place is raining again . Feel glad to comeback before raining ) .
Ah i forgot to tell you , the first day there's a big raining and all of sakura tree ( fake one ) it's broken , people in there trying to save some part of the tree.
I feel so bad for them.

BTW I met emi-san here with her daugter <3
If you know Ennichisai , then you have to know this beautiful mother.
She is the one who make Ennichisai Happened.
Will blog about it soon enough :) ( of course Ennichisai 2015 )

And this is my band member in Sakura Matsuri 2015
They all from J-Band Bandung.
Thank you very much for the time !

The show is finish ! 
Thank you for all the staff member to invite me.
Thank you for All of my band member !
Thank you for buy my CD !
I wish next year i can attending this event again !

Let's start today with SMILE
and end up with a BIG SMILE
Lot of Love , YUMI

Senin, November 16, 2015

Nagoya : Sakura Matsuri

Hello Dreamers !
Yumi here !~ 
So last time blog i talked about Nagoya live tour, right ?
So today my blog will tell you about my one free day.
Everytime i go to Japan i always have one day to do anything like i want.
Without singing job and stuff.
So last time at Sekai no Yama-chan restaurant we decided to go to Nagoya Castle Park.
What for ? Since i go to Nagoya at Spring time, when love and Sakura blooms. (lol)
We will have Sakura Matsuri activity,
This is my first time going to Japan in Spring, That's why i'm so Excited !

Lemme take you a walk around Nagoya !

Feeling so GOOD ! The weather is Really NICE !
Perfect !
So we arrived at Nagoya Castle Park.
( If i'm not mistake )

They all of my Friends From Nagoya!
Why they are so pretty !
I want to pretty too ~ Ah well never mind. 
I'm pretty too , well.. at least my mom said that. haha

So we eat something Delicious !
Onigiri from Rio-san is the best !
The rice is so perfect !
Everyone bring all their food. There's Karage, Ocha , and and yeah some food ( LoL )
I totally forgot ! Haha
Sorry because this is throwback story. Haha

Oh and Miu-chan give me this , well it's for all of them.
I have to take picture first before they eat! Haha

Yeah this is Sakura Flavour ! Yummy !
But i only eat one, since that time i don't feel want to eat something.
Because this is my last day stay in Japan. So i really want to go visit many place in Nagoya.
Besides i need to buy something for my friend's back in Indonesia.
So we decided to Leave !
And we visit where World Cosplay Summit will be held ? 
Not be held, but the shrine where lot of Cosplayer taking picture when World Cosplay Summit taken. 

I try to take some lucky charm (?) or good luck thing fortune telling (?)~
At Sekai no Yama-chan i have little luck, in here i have middle Luck
I should check again Next time i visit Japan 

After we visit this place , i want to take some Purikura with them
Because i rarely take some purikura with the girls which is have a same age.. wait !  okay they are younger. lol
So we decided to take some Purikura and going to Karaoke !
Hoho I love Karaoke
Actually We played something at Game Center , YEP! 
Dancing game ! haha

I keep asking where Na-chan ( Please read my dating with na-chan and dai-chan )
But since she is really busy yesterday before this day, So she is still sleeping like a sleeping beauty princess . But i have something to give her
So i keep asking #cry
I'm sorry to make you wake up na-chan .

So the day end so fast.
After this day i have to go back to Indonesia soon.
Oh ! And this is the video from my Official Youtube Channel

And This is My Video Live Trip 2015 Tokyo and Nagoya

So i'll catch you later on my next blog!

Let's start today with SMILE
and end up with a BIG SMILE
Lot of Love , YUMI

Sabtu, November 14, 2015

NEXT : Nagoya Live Tour ! ヾ(^-^)ノ

Welcome back, Dreamers ! 
What am i supposed to do ? My reader didn't put any comment ? 
I don't know what i have to call you guys!
This is make me so frustrating ! (ノ≧∇≦)ノ ミ ┸━┸

So After had lot of Fun in Tokyo
the next morning i go to Nagoya with Shinkansen

The funny part is..
I try to take some video of shinkansen, but after shinkansen pass me, my phone just record it.
At that time , it's totally pissed me off.
Michi-san only laugh cuz' i'm totally stupid.
Actually my phone , i'm not a real stupid i guess. ヽ(´∀`)ノ

Soon as we arrived i go to rehearsal and singing.
Actually we going to Idol Festival but i forgot to take any picture in there.
I'm sorry
So let's fast forward this story, shall we ?
My Live tour in Nagoya it's such a shame.
I forgot some lyrics , It's because i'm not ready. I regret it but i can't help it,
So to make me cheer up, i try Most delicious fried chiken in the world !
Sekai no Yama-chan !

this is our team ! LoL
Most of them Live in Nagoya,
So My Live performance in Nagoya it's really such a shame.
BUT that make us more improving right !
Failed is a Mother of success (?)
So we decided to have some Sakura Matsuri at Nagoya for tomorrow !
So see you on my Next Blog !

Let's start today with smile,
And end it with SMILE too !
Lot of Love, YUMI 

KYOTO TRIP (。・ω・。)

Hello Dreamers !
I still can't feel good with this.
Any suggestion ? Haha

So , Before we continue to my live performance
i want to share my kyoto trip back in 2014

( aw.. looks at my tired face haha )

Conan and ... what his name again ? ah ! Luppin ( I almost said Luffy lol )

I went to Kyoto in January 2014 so it's winter
But i can't find any snow.
i mean Not yet.
But just a little bit of snow (?)
It's just came down at that time.

And i try using Traditional Japanese Costume in Kyoto.
And it was called.. 
Musume Costume (?)
Oh it's already in 2014 So it's really hard to remember it , I'm sorry (´_`。) *sniff*

This Feeling Relaxing ! It's really good to go to Holiday here someday, you have to put it on your next plan. I believe you won't regret it.

It's very traditional. It's Kyoto after all .
I really like this kind of thing.
So if you have a same interest like me , go have your free time to go to Kyoto !
It's obviously good.

Ah let's take some picture with having fun aura! LoL

After i visit the village of Toei Kyoto Park
I go to outside to feel some breeze.

Did you know what ?
I feel so Happy !
but my fingers turn out so blue 
it's really cold outside
it's minus 4 ( if i'm not wrong lol )
But the landscape really beautiful i forgot to mention how cold it was
what i know is my lips and fingers turn out so blue
so we decide to come back to Osaka at that time.
But i think it's good experience for me, beside i really like this part of japan.
make your schedule free for Kyoto !
You have to!!

So that's it for my kyoto trip,
if you want to go there, it's located at

    Address: 10 Uzumasa Higashihachiokacho, Ukyo Ward, Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture 616-8161, Japan
    Open today · 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

See you on My Next Blog ! 

Let's start today with smile
And end it with a BIG smile too! ~
Lot of Love, YUMI ~ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Jumat, November 13, 2015

Tokyo Day 3 : It's JUST The Beginning

Hello Dreamers *cough
it's sounds weird.
I'm currently thinking what i should call you guys
Should i called you My Silent Readers ? Haha

Before Performance i really had lot of Fun
but today i feel so nervous so sudden 
Today i'm going to Shibuya , but before i go
Please Meet my Lovely Angel

Miu-chan !!

this is my first time to meet her, she is from Nagoya.
She came along with Dai-chan
( Please read my previous Blog about dating with Na-chan and Dai-chan )
She is totes Cute!
Like a puppy or Kitty.
I can't believe she is Exist haha

So we going to Shibuya to Rehearsal.
It'll be held at Shibuya Take Off 7 !
But before that ! Let's have some time to see NEKO CAFE !

This is Michi-san, A superb Movie Director ! 

Miu-chan and Dai-chan

Neko Paradise !
I don't recommended this Neko cafe, since it's a little bit too strict for you who love cat so much.
The one who have necklace on it, you can't touch them. I don't understand it in japanese , but there's a picture on it.

After had so much fun at Neko Cafe
( We keep silent at this place you know, because they not allowed us to speak louder )
We go to have some lucnh before rehearsal.
I need some food ! so instead took a picture of food which we ordered, I take a picture of myself ! Selfie time ! Haha

Adhi-san , Dai-chan and Na-chan talking about something
I don't undertsand since it's sounds like Japanese language i never heard before. So i just looking outside restaurant, and do research for some Ikemen (!)
After we eat we going to Have Rehearsal.
Oh before that lemme put some picture from my super talented Photographer Satoshi-san ^^

He took this picture ! It's looks like i'm totally cutie pie , don'tcha think ?
( Please just agreed with me, okay ? I beg on you ! LoL )

So here is Satoshi-kun !

He such ikemen ? right ? Haha
So let's moving ! I will show you how shibuya is !

is that you LiSA ? I found you !! 

LiSA ! LiSA! LiSA ! 

*my face looks fabulous in negative way haha*
Lemme give you ROCK Stage.
It's just a minute before i start singing.
Check this Awesome picture !

And done !
My Performance totes Perfect at Shibuya !
I'm Feeling Blessed !
Well it's just a Beginning !
Next up !
It's Nagoya Live Performance !
What will it be ? What will it be ? 
Subscribe for my Diary in Japan and Indonesia as well ! 
See you on the next Blog !

Lot of Love , YUMI

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