Kamis, Desember 31, 2015

2015 ~ The Year of Happiness ~

Hello Dreamers !
Sorry for late update , so today i want to thanks to god !
I have a beautiful year again this year.
There's so many thing happened this year .
I'm glad and thankful that god give me a chance so i still can alive and can do everything that i never done before.
Met so many friends which is i can tell them they are my family right now.
I can take a part to something i never done before , like become a singer for Ennichisai Movie theme song. It's really such an honor.

It's all started when i'm still and active at youtube as czkim 
It's stand for Chezzy Kim
why that name ? Before i'm joining Japan World , i was so in love with korean culture ( Well i still do love korean culture haha )
So i decided that i will use that name.
At that time , i really love uploading lot of stuff , when i think of it , i feel disgusting about myself/
it's just too funny and such a weird of me.

( it's already gone , i banned by youtube now haha )

Why i started my youtube account ?
Did you know justin bieber ? I thought that i can be the one of Youtube singer as well.
Maybe someday , someone will see me on youtube so i started using youtube at 2010.
but then after 2012 there's nothing change.
So i decided that i have to change as well.
i want to be a singer and i want to fix my life as well..
why ?
so i'm the last child from 5 children.
All of my brother and sister already married , and what left is me now
Did you ever heard my Higher song's ?
There's some part of lyrics said
" Jakaruta no kensou no naka hitori watashi o sodateta "
It's mean " in the big city of jakarta ( actually i was raised in bandung haha ) she is the one who raise me "
Yesh. I born in single parent family , so i need to do my best to my mom.
everyone want their best for their parent.
Yesh , sometimes i always arguing with my mom , since we looks like big sister and little sister now.
i remember when i was bullied a lot in elementary and junior high, i never tell my mom or anyone. that because i don't want my mom worried about me. besides i don't feel like it bothers me ( or maybe i pretend that it was oke )
This year , i told my mom that i've been bullied for several years. 
not only at elemantary school or high school. 
but also in playground ( Seriously ? Yeah Seriously )
My mom was so surprised .
At elemantary school , yeah i'm such a brat since i really hate this girl. because of her no one wanna talk to me in the whole school , so i had a chance to do something bad. i feel sorry about it after.
And i remember a lot when someone fall and make her forehead cut by something and everyone was blaming on me. i can't said anything . i just like said this on my mind " am i doing that ? but i'm in different circle with her . i have supernatural "
i remember at that time i was in grade 4th of my elemantary school.
And did you know what happened now ?
They maybe already forget about what they did to me.
I forgive them but i can't forget .
So i want to said if you bullying someone now , you have to think .. that you make a big impact to them negative or positive way , so just stop bullying.
because maybe you will forget it someday or later but not the victims.
Go said apologize may help it.
but.. some of them won't said that . because they never think they are bullying someone.
back to the story haha

i want to fix my life so my mom will be have a good life as well
is not about my dreams , it's about my mom as well..
and it's not all about my mom..
it's about my dream as well..
since i was a kid , i have a dream that i will have a big concert !
i always listen to mariah carey , whitney houston and celine dion .
i remember i'm so crazy about NSYCN ? how to write it again ?
I think that's why i can't sing low tone so well , i guess it's because i never practice it since the beginning.

(photo by pitra)

So since i want to change , i need to go out to the world which never i imagine before.
going to jakarta for join competition .
it's been a while since i'm in competition.
my last time is maybe around 2003 and i'm shaking because of nervous and forget a whole lyrics.
it's happened in lawson competition as well. 
it's such embrassing but i learn from that .

Since i want to change , i join lot of competition but never win or always be a runner up.
Join in the band. 
I'm sorry i can't going with you guys now.
I'm sorry to ruin everything.
Thank you for give me some place to grow..
Thank you so much Aozora band.

And here i am right now..
2013 first met with my producer as well as my manager
He keep believe in me..
no matter how not good i am..
he always believe that i can do it..
it's really hard to keep trust from people, so i will do much as i can and i dont want make them to dissapoint.
to everyone who support me ,
i don't want to let them down.

Some people said that i have to quit with something uncertain like this.
they said you only wasted some money. 
but now i think they wrong.
it's not a lot but i receive some money from this , slowly but sure my mom life and my life can be fix.
we are a little bit steady now, but not too well.
some people will try to make you down and make you give up.
but the one who can make a decision is you..
you are the one who can stop it or keep on it..
sometimes i want to stop.. sometimes i think they right..
but , when i remember the whole thing that i came to this so far ..
i can't give up easily..
i don't want to give up.. besides my mom is support me, i don't want let her down.

This 2015 i met Keion as well..
I meet a new Family .
From Stranger to became Family it's so fast especially for me.
I found something warmer , having fun with them is such a beautiful moment .
And it's such a moment that i'm always waiting for when i go to Jakarta.
I have new little sister and new little brother.
I have lot of new okaa-san and new father as well.
We sharing music and life.
Sometimes i feel grown up around them.
and my friend who help me a lot this year as well !

I go to japan 3 times this year.
Lucky !
And this year i have lot of job as well.
I can buy guitar from it .
I feel grateful.
This year is super year for me.
God thank you for this year, i'm sorry for always complaining .
i'm sorry for the mistake what have i done this year.
i wish next year i will become a good person. more a good person.
i wish everything will goes so well..
i wish i can meet another year .. 
i wish i will grown up older..
I wish for everyone a happy new year !
let's do our best again this year !

Let's start today with a SMILE
and end up with a BIG SMILE !
Lot of Love,

Selasa, Desember 01, 2015

ENNICHISAI 2015 ! ~ 1st DAY ~

Hello Dreamers !
So this blog is about Ennichisai 1st day !
I met all of my friend from Nagoya this day .
And of course a NEW FRIEND TOO !
I'm so excited today , Since i never cosplay as character before. 
Well i did Ryuko Matoi at Ennichisai 2014 at that time i become a finalist WKG indonesia Region.
But now , i'm not finalist anymore.

So since the first day i become Nico from Love Live !
I never feel i'm cute or act cute ( since i'm not cute at all so maybe if i act cute everyone will feel sick haha ) , so today since i cosplay as Nico from Love Live i have to be CUTE , right ?

Yesh ! I feel different. I lack of Makeup skill , but i did my best to put my makeup.
Jakarta is really humid at this time , i really need to go shower soon after it finished.

I meet my nagoya friend's , Miu and Rio :)
Yesh, me and Rio planning about doing one project cosplaying since our last meet at Nagoya.
So here i am with Rio-san.

And i met a new friend too, Taeyeon Eonni ! <3
She is totally gorgeous !

And fellow cosplayer from Indonesia <3

I share my booth with Taeyeon-san and Rio-san
I sell my CD with a totally good price :)

Yesh , he is Sako Kouhei well as you know he is the one who make my song
Higher and Pray for you :)
He helped me a lot !
Really a lot !

Ah i forgot to take picture with Hanika-san , she is my designer for this few past year.
Since my image have to change, so i only have project together when it's all about cosplay now.
( She is the one who use Nozomi behind this picture )
Actually our project cosplay is more bigger than this, but since we didn't have a chance to meet each other we can't take a picture with all member.
So this 1st day is full of fun and sweat !
My CD is currently in half of amount.
Glad everyone buying my CD <3
Next .. 2nd Day of Ennichisai !
Full of Excitement !

Here is Bonus for you guys !

Let's Start Today with SMILE
and end up with a BIG SMILE
Lot of Love, YUMI

Kamis, November 26, 2015

Nihon no Matsuri 2015 ~ Final Day The Smile City ~

Hello Dreamers !
So let me tell you about one of the big event in Bandung
Nihon no Matsuri !
After i go to japan, my next gigs is in Sakura Matsuri , After Sakura Matsuri i have to rock Nihon no Matsuri stage.
Haha, Well the band member is same, but adding 2 more personil.
The stage is become smaller although it's totally BIG STAGE.

Actually this Photo is taken by Michi-san
He is come to record Nihon no Matsuri for his Movie Project.
At that time is totally BIG RAINING in Bandung.
But look at them , they still watching us and another J-band from bandung even though it's heavy Raining.

My playlist in here is same as Sakura Matsuri , since the event only different 1 week from it. So we decided to singing same playlist in here. Of course since this event only one day we only sing 5 songs.
What is the most interesting if you having stage in Bandung ?  is the audience.
They are totally the best.
They had lot of Expression to Express..
I think you can't find something like this in other City...

Look at that !
Their Expression is totally in full charge even though it's heavy raining outside.
I Feel like i'm Really lucky to born and raised in this Beautiful City
I wonder if they catch a cold after this. 
I wish they will be okay.

I give them one of my CD for FREE
it's good for promotion, so i give them some quiz and give them my CD if they can answer. haha

And what ? They are totally become a zombie when i give it to the girls
I'm sorry i make some trouble for you guys. TT
I didn't mean to.

After this performance i come back home and rest.
after this i have to attending Ennichisai
This year is really "lot of work" year for me.
I'm really Lucky.
But then when i arrived..
Michi-san send this all those picture to me..
And this one is really make me feel happy till i drop some tears..

What a warm smile..
I feel like what i have done today is not wasted.
My time to Rehearsal with band member, 
My time to coming this far..
I never know that i can make some people smile..
Since i was a kid , i being bullied by people a lot..
when i told them i want to be a singer.. 
Some people only laugh at it..
But now.. I feel proud that i'm not giving up on my Dream.
It's still the Beginning , and it's just started..
There's something waiting for me in the future..
I will never give it up..
I will do my best...
You guys too!
If you have a dream , come get it !
It's about your choices you choose !
All of your life is in your hand !
So i wish you can do the same about your dreams too!
There's something waiting for you !

So this is the end of my blog for Nihon No Matsuri 2015 !
Thank you for Rully-san and Aeno-san for inviting me, and for re-arrange my band member. 
Without you guys i can't be in the stage.
I know that i'm totally such a burden, but i will more become a burden for you guys in the future .
For My BFF Ade kurnia, Hendry Kurnia ( they basketoman and they got Kurnia Name ) , Fajar Thank you for stopped by and watching my performance in here.
Thank you for people who keep supporting me till now, Nirwan and the gank ( there's lot of name haha )
Thank you for keep coming if i have performance in Bandung.
For the rest of my band member thank you!
For michi-san thank you for a shot !
Well See you guys on the next event !

Let's start today with SMILE
and end up with a BIG SMILE !
Lot of Love , YUMI

Rabu, November 25, 2015


Hello Dreamers !
It's just a little bit story about Sakura Matsuri 2015 
It's such a honor for me to be included as Guest Star for this event.

At 1st day well you can say i become J-Rocks opening star . lol
It's really such an honor. 
But well since everyone waiting J-Rocks and not me ( well i'm just a beginner )
They keep calling J-Rocks , i want to said that i'm sorry to make you waiting.
but i can't lol. TIME TO ROCK THE STAGE ! 

In the 2nd day the weather is totally unfriendly, since i have performance in middle of the day where the sun is totally.. well you know it's cikarang afterall.

But afterall beautiful blue sky is always make me calm.
I'm sweating a lot at 2nd day , but i feel it doesn't really matter since the sky is so blue ( lemme tell you, when i go home this place is raining again . Feel glad to comeback before raining ) .
Ah i forgot to tell you , the first day there's a big raining and all of sakura tree ( fake one ) it's broken , people in there trying to save some part of the tree.
I feel so bad for them.

BTW I met emi-san here with her daugter <3
If you know Ennichisai , then you have to know this beautiful mother.
She is the one who make Ennichisai Happened.
Will blog about it soon enough :) ( of course Ennichisai 2015 )

And this is my band member in Sakura Matsuri 2015
They all from J-Band Bandung.
Thank you very much for the time !

The show is finish ! 
Thank you for all the staff member to invite me.
Thank you for All of my band member !
Thank you for buy my CD !
I wish next year i can attending this event again !

Let's start today with SMILE
and end up with a BIG SMILE
Lot of Love , YUMI

Senin, November 16, 2015

Nagoya : Sakura Matsuri

Hello Dreamers !
Yumi here !~ 
So last time blog i talked about Nagoya live tour, right ?
So today my blog will tell you about my one free day.
Everytime i go to Japan i always have one day to do anything like i want.
Without singing job and stuff.
So last time at Sekai no Yama-chan restaurant we decided to go to Nagoya Castle Park.
What for ? Since i go to Nagoya at Spring time, when love and Sakura blooms. (lol)
We will have Sakura Matsuri activity,
This is my first time going to Japan in Spring, That's why i'm so Excited !

Lemme take you a walk around Nagoya !

Feeling so GOOD ! The weather is Really NICE !
Perfect !
So we arrived at Nagoya Castle Park.
( If i'm not mistake )

They all of my Friends From Nagoya!
Why they are so pretty !
I want to pretty too ~ Ah well never mind. 
I'm pretty too , well.. at least my mom said that. haha

So we eat something Delicious !
Onigiri from Rio-san is the best !
The rice is so perfect !
Everyone bring all their food. There's Karage, Ocha , and and yeah some food ( LoL )
I totally forgot ! Haha
Sorry because this is throwback story. Haha

Oh and Miu-chan give me this , well it's for all of them.
I have to take picture first before they eat! Haha

Yeah this is Sakura Flavour ! Yummy !
But i only eat one, since that time i don't feel want to eat something.
Because this is my last day stay in Japan. So i really want to go visit many place in Nagoya.
Besides i need to buy something for my friend's back in Indonesia.
So we decided to Leave !
And we visit where World Cosplay Summit will be held ? 
Not be held, but the shrine where lot of Cosplayer taking picture when World Cosplay Summit taken. 

I try to take some lucky charm (?) or good luck thing fortune telling (?)~
At Sekai no Yama-chan i have little luck, in here i have middle Luck
I should check again Next time i visit Japan 

After we visit this place , i want to take some Purikura with them
Because i rarely take some purikura with the girls which is have a same age.. wait !  okay they are younger. lol
So we decided to take some Purikura and going to Karaoke !
Hoho I love Karaoke
Actually We played something at Game Center , YEP! 
Dancing game ! haha

I keep asking where Na-chan ( Please read my dating with na-chan and dai-chan )
But since she is really busy yesterday before this day, So she is still sleeping like a sleeping beauty princess . But i have something to give her
So i keep asking #cry
I'm sorry to make you wake up na-chan .

So the day end so fast.
After this day i have to go back to Indonesia soon.
Oh ! And this is the video from my Official Youtube Channel

And This is My Video Live Trip 2015 Tokyo and Nagoya

So i'll catch you later on my next blog!

Let's start today with SMILE
and end up with a BIG SMILE
Lot of Love , YUMI

Sabtu, November 14, 2015

NEXT : Nagoya Live Tour ! ヾ(^-^)ノ

Welcome back, Dreamers ! 
What am i supposed to do ? My reader didn't put any comment ? 
I don't know what i have to call you guys!
This is make me so frustrating ! (ノ≧∇≦)ノ ミ ┸━┸

So After had lot of Fun in Tokyo
the next morning i go to Nagoya with Shinkansen

The funny part is..
I try to take some video of shinkansen, but after shinkansen pass me, my phone just record it.
At that time , it's totally pissed me off.
Michi-san only laugh cuz' i'm totally stupid.
Actually my phone , i'm not a real stupid i guess. ヽ(´∀`)ノ

Soon as we arrived i go to rehearsal and singing.
Actually we going to Idol Festival but i forgot to take any picture in there.
I'm sorry
So let's fast forward this story, shall we ?
My Live tour in Nagoya it's such a shame.
I forgot some lyrics , It's because i'm not ready. I regret it but i can't help it,
So to make me cheer up, i try Most delicious fried chiken in the world !
Sekai no Yama-chan !

this is our team ! LoL
Most of them Live in Nagoya,
So My Live performance in Nagoya it's really such a shame.
BUT that make us more improving right !
Failed is a Mother of success (?)
So we decided to have some Sakura Matsuri at Nagoya for tomorrow !
So see you on my Next Blog !

Let's start today with smile,
And end it with SMILE too !
Lot of Love, YUMI 

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